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One Waterfront Ambassadors

The Trustees One Waterfront Ambassadors youth employment program is based in East Boston and has a mission to engage teens on waterfront issues in and around their neighborhoods and communities. The program features opportunities for the Ambassadors to meet local elected officials and staff from other local open space- and harbor-focused non-profits to learn more about the work being done in East Boston and across the city on waterfront issues such as climate resilience, public access, and regulatory structures.

In Summer 2019 the Ambassadors worked with key East Boston grassroots and non-profit partners, lending a hand with local cleanups and stewardship projects while also learning about the work of these grassroots organizations with whom the One Waterfront Initiative collaborates.

The youth who took part in this program developed critical job skills including teamwork, collaboration, leadership, responsibility, community outreach, civic engagement, critical analysis of government reports, and how to interpret and share information on local climate change impacts with their community.

One Waterfront Ambassadors:

  • Participate in community outreach work around waterfront and climate change issues

  • Work as part of a team

  • Learn about the One Waterfront Initiative mission to create climate resilient open spaces along Boston’s waterfront, as well as climate change challenges and mitigation opportunities

  • Support local grassroots and non-profit organizations

  • Take part in environmental stewardship projects including regular infrastructure maintenance to offer improved visitor services along our waterfront

  • Participate in group discussion and reflection related to work projects and activities; maintain journal to document and reflect on work projects and activities

Our Ambassadors Are:

  • Boston residents age 15-18

  • Registered for summer employment with City of Boston SuccessLink

  • Interested in working in the East Boston neighborhood, learning about how climate change, open space, and Boston Harbor affect the community

  • Excited to work as part of a team

  • Looking to make a difference in their community

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Catch up on what the One Waterfront Ambassadors accomplished and learned in Summer 2019!


For more information, contact Amy Gaylord at agaylord@thetrustees.org or 617-542-7697 x4120