Map data: Google, TerraMetrics

Map data: Google, TerraMetrics


From Charlestown and East Boston to the Seaport, Fort Point and beyond, these are heady days around Boston Harbor.

Once the heart of the New England maritime industry, the historic port is now the humming center of the city’s 21st-century economic boom—a tableau of packed restaurants, bustling retail spaces, modernist apartment buildings, the headquarters for businesses like Vertex Pharmaceuticals and General Electric, and construction scaffolding surrounding millions of square feet under rapid development. 

But Boston’s developing waterfront demands havens of green amidst the gray; the kind of open space that attracts residents and visitors alike with diverse, neighborhood-building amenities. Intrinsic elements of what makes Massachusetts special, parks provide places for restoration and recreation; help an especially vulnerable coastal city meet the challenges posed by climate change; and enhance the quality of life in this bustling section of the Commonwealth’s capital city. Read more.

“We’re talking about a new era of space design and a new era of parks funding that follows a different model than Boston has ever seen before.” -Barbara Erickson, President & CEO, The Trustees