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City Unveils Transformative Plan to Create Resilient, Open Boston Harbor
"We applaud Mayor Walsh for sharing his vision this morning at the Boston Chamber of Commerce Forum to protect Boston's waterfront and the future of this city for the benefit of all. We are pleased to hear his commitment to pledge at least 10% of all new capital spending to climate resilient projects. As our harbor and coast continue to be battered and flooded by storms and rising sea levels, our world class city deserves a world class vision and plan of action -- and the time is now. We all need to work together to make this happen and The Trustees are excited to be a partner with our One Waterfront Initiative to create more resilient, accessible parks and open spaces."
– Trustees President and CEO Barbara Erickson

Open Space Survey Whitepaper
Bostonians address the need for more open spaces in the city, and seek eco-friendly solutions to the waterfront’s climate threats. Read Whitepaper.

The Trustees' Coastal Initiative
How and why The Trustees view the preservation and conservation of the Massachusetts coastline as a critical piece of the organization's mission. View video.

Advocating for Innovative Open Space
Meet Nick Black, The Trustees’ Managing Director of the One Waterfront Initiative, who took on this new position with the organization. Read more.

Waves of Change: Creating a new coastal future for the State and its Capital
From Charlestown and East Boston to the Seaport, Fort Point and beyond, these are heady days around Boston Harbor. Read more.

Grant Assures a New Vision for Boston's Waterfront
Trustees’ Boston One Waterfront Initiative has taken a significant leap forward as a result of a recent $1.2 million grant from the Barr Foundation. Read more.

Stewarding a Boston Treasure
As part of an initiative focused on the Boston waterfront, the Barr Foundation recently awarded The Trustees a $250,000 grant to advance planning, in collaboration with other like-minded entities, in shaping a roadmap for a shared vision to protect the public interest in Boston’s waterfront. Read more.

Climate Ready Boston
The challenge of climate change is here, in Boston, now. We've seen more frequent flooding on Morrissey Boulevard. We endured the record-setting snowstorms of 2015. And this year we experienced the driest, and one of the hottest, summers in our history. Climate change has influenced all these events. Read more.

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